Nikita Mazepin admits that he has had to overcome poor visibility at last Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix race.

Why it matters: The Haas driver blocked Lewis Hamilton, when the Briton was trying to lap him.


  • Mazepin wants to apologize to Hamilton.
  • The Russian emphasizes that it has been difficult to see the cars.

What he had to say:

  • “I do need proper guidance in my ears on where the other cars are, because in all the spray… Turkey isn’t exactly the cleanest spray that we have, so it flies and dries out.”
  • “I was driving blind and when you get so many cars overtaking you, lapping you actually not once, but even twice… it was just a disaster.”
  • “I’m happy that we managed to get [out of] the way, but I’ll see Lewis and apologize to him.”

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