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Celebrating our 2nd anniversary ?

ASN is 2 years old! Our company was founded on October 12, 2019, and has come a long way since then. Join us in sharing our story.

The founding

ASN Motorsports was founded on October 12, 2019, by me, Luciano Calamante. The company started as a small Instagram page that shared updates from the world of Formula 1 and Formula E – mostly news and race results.

The main purpose of creating the account was to develop two of my passions: motorsports journalism and content creation.

Showcase of ASN Motorsport’s Instagram account first publications – A stats image and a quote from Charles Leclerc. Showcased is also the first logotype of ASN. Credits: ASN Media

The early stages

The Instagram page continued for months and steadily grew, dragging more audience race after race. However, as we wanted to create more content beyond just an Instagram page, he decided to start a new project: a magazine.

In March of 2020, we posted a story on ASN’s Instagram account, announcing that we were looking for writers for a new project – though we didn’t specify what it was about to the public.

Many people showed interest, and a small team was formed. We got to work on the concept of the magazine and the design, and soon enough the first issue was released in April of that same year.

Cover of the last ASN Pole Position Magazine issue, alongside an article showcasing the design. Credits: ASN Media

The magazine project continued until December of 2020, when we published our 6th and final issue as we decided to move on to new projects, aligning the vision of the company to what it is today.

Website and growth

We started experimenting with writing articles on a website and in real-time. Our first platform was Medium – a free blogging system that allowed us to publish as many posts as we wanted in our own section.

Medium was a great learning platform for both writing and management. However, it was not as flexible and wasn’t delivering results, and that’s when we decided to move to our own website.

We opened on February of 2021 with big ambitions: to become one of the biggest media platforms in the world of motorsports.

Soon enough, good news started to arrive; we grew our presence and hit 2 million reads on our website by May, and we were accredited to multiple championships – Formula E, NASCAR, WEC, the Dakar, and more.

And that’s how ASN Motorsports made it to what it is today, with our content improving day by day and our numbers growing to levels we never expected.

The ASN Team

The ASN Motorsports team is formed by people from all over the world united by one passion: motorsports.


Luciano Calamante – Founder / CEO: “I created ASN Motorsports with the objective of developing my career as a motorsports journalist, doing what I enjoy which is creating content.

This project allowed me to meet awesome people who share the same passion I do, and I am extremely grateful to have them by my side.

We will continue doing what we love and we deeply appreciate the support from our readers and followers.”

Anton Hreskiv – Director: “ASN Motorsports hits another big milestone – 2nd anniversary. I am incredibly happy and proud to be a part of this great team.

Everyone in the team as well as you, our readers, have become a family for me and I cannot imagine my life without you.

We have achieved a lot in these 2 years and there is a lot more to come for sure.”


Kael Parkinson – Writer
Tristen Digby – Podcast Host
Attar Pasha – Social Media Manager


Davide Bini – Editor
Thibault Brun – Editor
Michael Branco – Editor
Leon Kerninger – Writer
Tushar Raja – Writer
Aditya Kulkarni – Writer
Alex Suciu – Writer / Technical Analyst
Joe Rinehart – Writer
Troy Swenor – Writer
Zach Arnold – Writer
Grace McGill – Writer
Caine Brederveld – Social Media Manager
Sundaram Ramaswami – Pole Position Magazine Editor
Thor Tulloh – Writer

Celebrating it BIG

We want to celebrate and give back. Go to our Instagram @asnmotorsports for a special giveaway. Plus, you can download some cool wallpapers for your smartphone below:

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