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F1 looks to introduce system of deleting yellow flag laps

Fernando Alonso at the Turkish GP. Credits: Reddit.

Michael Masi has confirmed that a new system of punishing drivers who do not go slow enough under double yellow flags might be tested.

Why it matters: Ignoring double-waved yellow flags might lead to dangerous situations on the track as well as can give an unfair advantage.


  • Masi is not against the concept of deleting lap times set under double yellow flags.
  • The F1 race director admits that the concept should be discussed before the introduction.

What he had to say:

  • “Let’s see what we do in Austin,” Masi told
  • “We’ve done it when it happens for track limits. We can investigate what areas will work best, and just make sure that there’s no unintended consequences.”
  • “It sounds on the face of it that it could be a good resolution. But you just need to talk through it all. We’ve got a sporting advisory committee [meeting] scheduled anyway this week, and that’s one of the ones on the agenda.”
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