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Vettel: I made the decision to switch to dry tires

Sebastian Vettel admitted that he had initiated the decision to pit for dry tires during the Turkish Grand Prix.


  • Vettel pitted for medium tires while conditions were still very damp on-track.
  • He stayed on these tires for a lap before changing back to intermediates as there was no grip on dry tires.
  • Vettel took responsibility for the decision to pit for dry tires.

What he had to say:

  • “Together [we made the dry tire call] but in the end, I made the decision, I wanted to try to go for it.”
  • “On the inters there was nothing left, so I thought the dry tires could be as good but I couldn’t break them in and just had no grip and lost so much time as I couldn’t make them work.”
  • “It was worse than I expected, even if it was damp a little bit here and there, or wet. But the main thing was I couldn’t break the tire in and then you are just sliding on the top.”
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