Christian Horner did not have doubts that Lewis Hamilton would have a pit stop to change intermediate tires.


  • The Red Bull Racing team principal revealed that they saw Hamilton’s tires were in critical condition.
  • Red Bull pitted Sergio Perez, because he was not able to make it to the finish on the starting compound.

What he had to say:

  • “From what we could see, those tires were looking pretty dangerous so it was inevitable he was going to have to pit. So, obviously, the point that they pitted was to our maximum advantage because, at that point, you could see with Charles [Leclerc] as well, the tires overheated, they blistered quite badly.” Horner told Sky Sports.
  • “Then the pace is lost so, for us, the crucial moment was when to pit Checo [Perez]. We could have left him out to keep holding Lewis, we decided to pit him to make sure we had that track position, because we didn’t believe those tires would make it to the end of the race.”

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