Christian Horner wants to see Red Bull Racing competing with Mercedes during Sunday’s race at Istanbul.

Why it matters: Red Bull lacked pace throughout the race weekend so far as Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will start the race 2nd and 6th respectively.


  • Horner thinks that the team should concentrate on itself.
  • Horner admits that Lewis Hamilton’s performance in Saturday’s qualifying is one of his best in 2021.

What he had to say:

  • “The best route to beat them [Mercedes] is to finish ahead of them. We are focused very much on our race, and trying to make sure we capitalise [and get] the maximum points of both drivers,” Horner told Sky Sports.
  • “Hopefully [we can] be closer to them in the race than we were in quali today. We see that they’re very quick over a single lap; whether that’s sustainable over the whole race, we’ll see tomorrow.”
  • “It’s gonna be interesting. I mean, Lewis has probably looked the quickest he’s looked all year here. The Mercedes is hooked up around here, it’s working well on this asphalt and he’s going to be coming through pretty quick.”

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