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Vettel believes F1 should have “sustainable” calendar

Sebastian Vettel at the Russian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Sebastian Vettel has shared his thoughts about how the Formula 1 calendar should look like.

Why it matters: Formula 1 is set to announce the 2022 calendar, which will consist of 23 races.


  • Vettel thinks that F1 needs to keep human resources in mind while working on a calendar.
  • The German supposes that the drivers are in bette position as they do not have that many duties as other people in the paddock.

What he had to say:

  • “You can do the numbers. If we have 52 weekends in a year, we do 23 of those as races and [there are] a couple of months in a year that we can’t hold races in most places around the world, it obviously gives you a very intense season.”
  • “The objective should be [that] we have a sustainable way to run our season, not only for our environment but also looking at the human resource.”
  • “If you have so many people involved, the weekends are far longer than the Saturday-Sundays that we see on the TV. I think drivers, we are on the lucky end.”
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