Red Bull and Honda will continue working together after the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Why it matters: The Japanese engine manufacturer will leave the sport after the end of this season.


  • Honda will help Red Bull Powertrains work with the power unit in 2022.
  • Honda and Red Bull will collaborate in terms of young drivers program.
  • Honda Racing Corporation will be in charge of these operations.

The statement:

  • “In an operational change, all these four-wheeled motorsport activities will now come under the umbrella of HRC (Honda Racing Corporation), the company that has so successfully run Honda’s motorcycle racing activities for many years.”
  • “This is to strengthen Honda’s motorsport operation and branding, making it more efficient integrating the technologies and experiences we have gained from both four-wheel and motorcycle motorsport activities.”
  • “Specifically, HRC will support the Red Bull Group’s Formula 1 activity in 2022, taking charge of all the above-mentioned points.”

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