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Alonso dissatisfied with reaction to his lap 1 move at Sochi

Fernando Alonso at the Russian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Fernando Alonso has shared his thoughts about his move at the start of the Russian GP.

Why it matters: The Alpine driver went wide at turn 2 at the race start at Sochi and the FIA’s decision not to penalize Alonso was questioned.


  • Alonso believes that the perception of the same actions committed by different drivers is not the same.
  • The Spaniard has given an example of the Austria doubleheader, where he lost a lot of positions due to allegedly illegal overtakes.

What he had to say:

  • “[It was] just to confirm when I do things, they have a different behaviour, and a different repercussion on the following event.”
  • “I’ve been the idiot on track for most of the championship while I’ve been overtaken from the outside of the asphalt by many people for the first couple of races.”
  • “Even in Austria, I remember Austria 1 and Austria 2, and nothing happened. There were no questions on the following race. Now after Sochi, there is a question. It’s a confirmation.”
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