Mario Isola has revealed why Pirelli decided to take softer tire compounds for this year’s Turkish GP.

Why it matters: C2, C3, and C4 tires will be available this weekend at Istanbul Park.


  • Lack of grip at last year’s event forced Pirelli to change the selected tires.
  • Isola expects more flexible strategy because of softer tires.

What he had to say:

  • “The slipperiness of the circuit, exacerbated by the rain, caught many people by surprise, and that’s why this year we’ve opted for a softer tyre nomination, also with the race taking place more than a month earlier, which should result in higher temperatures.”
  • “Following our tire nomination, the track has undergone a high-pressure water cleaning process, which should lead to greater roughness and more grip, so there’s also the possibility that with softer compounds we will face higher wear levels compared to last year.
  • “Because everything was so new last year, we took the conservative option of coming with the hardest tyres. Going a step softer this weekend will probably open up the possibility of a few different strategies as well.”

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