Esteban Ocon believes that his and Fernando Alonso’s cars have a big difference in terms of performance, despite using same set-ups.

Why it matters: Alonso scored 20 points in three latest races, while Ocon had only 3 points.


  • The Frenchman reveals that he and Alonso do not give the same feedback on the car.
  • Ocon assures that Alpine is working to resolve the issue.

What he had to say:

  • “The cars were very similar in terms of set-up for the last three or four races, so pretty much identical.”
  • “And there has been quite a lot of deviation in this [Russia] race, and we don’t have the same comments [on the car] anymore.”
  • “We have a couple of ideas on what it could be and we are looking at fixing it obviously for the next race or the one after, so we are going to see.”

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