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Szafnauer reveals Whitmarsh will not affect his position

Sebastian Vettel at the Russian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Otmar Szafnauer assures that his responsibilities at Aston Martin will not be changed after Martin Whitmarsh’s arrival.

Why it matters: Whitmarsh has become the Group CEO of Aston Martin Performance Technology and will be involved in the F1 program.


  • Szafnauer confirms that he stays the in charge of the F1 team’s operations.
  • The CEO and team principal of Aston Martin has shared his thoughts about Whitmarsh’s contribution to the company.

What he had to say:

  • “The F1 side will remain under my leadership and remit. So I’ll still be team principal and CEO. Martin will be group CEO, with the F1 side reporting through him.”
  • “I would imagine at the beginning most of his time will be spent growing the Aston Martin Performance Technologies area, which is where his most recent expertise lies, and not focus so much on F1. But the bit that hasn’t been planned is how much of his time will be spent where.”
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