Lando Norris admits that he and McLaren have made the analysis of the Russian GP.


  • Norris reveals that the team has reviewed the whole race at Sochi.
  • Norris and McLaren have put emphasis on improving communication.

What he had to say:

  • “I’ve learned of course many things: things for myself, what I could do better next time, if we’re in exactly the same situation again, and how can I make better decisions,” Norris told
  • “We reviewed everything, the whole race: even from lap one to the very end. But of course, more importantly, the last 10 laps.”
  • “What can I do better to help the team and what can the team do better to help me? We spent two days on the simulator, and one day reviewing everything with the communication, and how we talk to each other to try and do a better job next time.”

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