Esteban Ocon supposes that the Russian GP has been one of the toughest races he had in 2021.

Why it matters: The Frenchman crossed the finish line 14th at Sochi on Sunday.


  • Despite the outcome, Ocon is happy with how he has started the race.
  • Ocon admits that Alpine has been surprised by the fact that the rain intensified.

What he had to say:

  • “Probably one of the most difficult Sundays of the year. I think the positive was the start and the first couple of laps, that was pretty good. I gained a bit of ground at the start and we managed to stick in a good position for the first couple of laps but after that it was pretty tricky pace-wise.”
  • “It was risky to jump in the pits, but also risky to stay on track as well like we’ve done. It was supposed to rain like it did for the first two laps, so for the first two laps the conditions were similar, and then there was supposed to be a little bit of a break in the rain, but actually it rained more. So that was clearly a mistake from our side as well.”

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