Christian Horner assures that Red Bull Racing’s recent issues at the pit stops are down to their own mistakes.

Why it matters: The FIA has introduced a modification in pit stop procedure rules to ensure safety earlier this year.


  • Horner has explained what happened at Sergio Perez’s pit stop at the Russian GP.
  • The Red Bull team principal confirms that the new rules have not triggered the latest problems.

What he had to say:

  • “We had a very slight delay on the wheel-off and then [with] the clutch, he spun up the rear wheel, which then took more time to re-engage the wheel. So that was frustrating.”
  • “It wasn’t a TD issue. Unfortunately there was a slight delay in the wheel coming off and the clutch was released whilst he was on the stand and that then just compounded the problem. That’s what cost Sergio.”

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