Andrew Shovlin is not sure if Mercedes had the best equipment at last week’s Russian GP.

Why it matters: Even though the Silver Arrows kept the successful streak at Sochi going, their advantage was not as significant as before.


  • The Mercedes trackside engineering director thinks they were at the same level as Red Bull Racing.
  • Shovlin is delighted that Mercedes works better with C5 tires.

What he had to say:

  • “It’s difficult to say. When we were in free air we were good. We obviously spent a lot of time stuck in traffic, a lot of times stuck behind a McLaren, and you don’t get to see the pace.”
  • “We were certainly up there with Red Bull, whether or not we were quicker, it’s a bit difficult to say with the race that we had. The single lap was coming easily to us on that C5 [tire], which is very encouraging, that’s a tire we have struggled on in the past.”
  • “Whether we’d say we had best car is probably a little bit difficult with the mess that qualifying and the race actually was.”

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