Andrew Shovlin reveals that Valtteri Bottas’ decision to get intermediate tires at the end of the Russian GP affected Lewis Hamilton’s strategy.

Why it matters: The Finn was among the first drivers to fit intermediates, which proved to be a successful strategy.


  • Shovlin admits that Mercedes saw the rain would intensify.
  • The forecast and Bottas’ performance after pit stop were decisive factors in calling Hamilton to the pits.

What he had to say:

  • “As you know, all the teams, we’ve got the same rain radar, we could see the rain coming in, and we could see that it was going to start light.”
  • “What we could see was that it was then going to get heavier. And that was really the thing that we were reacting to.”
  • “But, in some ways, our decision making was helped by the fact that Valtteri was out of the points and he had nothing to lose: so we were the first to make the jump.”
  • “Then seeing how the tires were working on his car we followed suit with Lewis soon after. And certainly not leading the race makes it a bit easier to take those decisions.”

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