Toto Wolff admits that Mercedes had no doubt in their strategy during the Russian GP.

Why it matters: Lewis Hamilton secured his 100th win in Sunday’s Russian GP after the team’s late decision to pit for inters.


  • Wolff reveals that the strategy was clear for Mercedes when the rain started.
  • The Mercedes team principal understands how difficult it was for McLaren to make a decision.

What he had to say:

  • “I think for the driver, it’s always difficult when half the track is dry and the other one is just a bit humid.”
  • “We knew that the big weather was coming. So Valtteri [Bottas] pitted the lap before, and then our weather frog and the strategists were adamant to pit.”
  • “We were in a way prepared to brace for the tough end, whether we could overtake Lando on-track or not. Then the rain hit, and things got pretty erratic at that stage. I understand why it was so difficult for McLaren to take this decision to stay out or come in.”
  • “As a leader, you can only lose. We benefitted from that today, and it’s spectacular for the fans I guess.”

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