Stroll given 10-second penalty for collision with Gasly

Lance Stroll at the Russian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Lance Stroll has been handed a time penalty for causing a collision with Pierre Gasly at the Russian GP.


  • Stroll and Gasly made a contact when the track conditions worsened due to rain.
  • The Aston Martin driver has been given a 10-second time penalty as well as 2 penalty points.
  • Stroll stays 11th in the Russian GP standings.

What they had to say:

Although noting the evidence of the driver of Car 18 that the conditions were extremely slippery especially as he was on old hard tyres, the Stewards determined that it was still the responsibility of the driver to ensure that having left the track due to those very same conditions, he drove appropriately taking them into account when he re-joined and turned into the next corner, considering there were two other cars in close proximity

Stewards’ decision
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