Toto Wolff said Mercedes made no mistake during qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix, contributing the results to the strategy.


  • Wolff atributed their poor qualifying results to going out first during the session.
  • The team principal still don’t knows the severity of the damage in Hamilton’s car, but is confident the British driver can take the win in tomorrow’s race.

What he had to say:

  • “There are situations which are really unfortunate. It’s not that we made a mistake or the drivers contributed to it. We were the first cars out in the session, that’s why we were in a sequence that we would’ve aborted the last two runs on the intermediates to get two soft runs in.”
  • “Or we played it safe and finish the lap which we did. Even without Lewis’ kiss on the wall, we wouldn’t have done two laps.”
  • “Today was no mistake. If you let me turn back what we would change, maybe not go out first on track.”
  • “With Lewis where he is, we can win. That should be the aim.”

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