George Russell has spoken about his Q3 run on the soft tire compound.

Why it matters: Russell was the first driver to put slicks on in qualifying at Sochi and went on to qualify 3rd.


  • Russell was set to risk in such a moment no matter what.
  • The Williams driver admits that he nearly crashed after getting slicks.

What he had to say:

  • “I came on the radio to say to the guys, ‘let’s get the slicks ready because it’s definitely going to go slicks’. And they replied saying ‘let’s box this lap’. So, I thought they may have misunderstood what I meant by that radio comment.”
  • “But I’d said we’ve got to go for it in these sessions – high risk, high reward. Especially in these conditions.”
  • “And when I came out of the pit lane on the slicks [I was] almost crashing straight out of the box.”
  • “And I was only that last lap [where the time came]. I kept getting a little bit of traffic here and there, [which meant] I couldn’t complete the lap and that was a bit frustrating. But, as it was for everybody, I knew that last lap was going to be the killer lap. So we saved it all for then and here we are.”

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