Lando Norris has shared his thoughts after getting his first pole position in Formula 1 at Sochi.

Why it matters: The McLaren driver won the Russian GP qualifying on Saturday afternoon.


  • Norris is happy with his result in qualifying.
  • The Briton admits that it has been a challenge to set a good lap time on softs.

What he had to say:

  • “I don’t know, you never think you’re going to get a pole until you get it, and now I’ve managed to do it so yeah, I’m extremely happy.”
  • “It was tough. I’m obviously going to make myself sound good, but it was tricky, because it was really that crossover section and the lap before I was like two seconds down and I wasn’t very confident that we were going to improve on the previous lap, but I kept the tires warm, prepared the final lap.”
  • I risked quite a bit, I’m going to admit, and it paid off. So, I’m a happy boy.”

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