The FIA race director Michael Masi has spoken about how the FIA will handle difficult weather conditions at Sochi Autodrom.

Why it matters: Torrential rain has hit the track at Sochi and Formula 2’s Sprint Race 1 has been postponed on Saturday morning.


  • Rain is expected to decrease in the afternoon.
  • The Formula 1 qualifying is prioritized on Saturday.
  • FP3 will be canceled if the weather does not allow to race.

What he had to say:

  • “What we’re seeing from the forecast side is that we will have… rain until about 13:30-14:30 local time, and then it decreasing in the afternoon.”
  • “The priority from today’s perspective is obviously Formula 1 qualifying this afternoon.”
  • “So Formula 1 will take priority, then we were fortunate in restructuring the programme to have the first Formula 3 race yesterday, pre-empting the weather that was going to happen this morning, which based on what we saw when we came out to the circuit this morning was absolutely the right decision (…) “
  • “Alternatively, if we can see that it’s just going to be torrential for the entire session, we would just abandon FP3 and aim for qualifying.”

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