Logan Sargeant gets to the top step of the podium for the first time in 2021, whole Dennis Hauger becomes this year’s Formula 3 champion.

The weather has made an impact on the Formula 3 schedule as the opening race of the race weekend was moved from Saturday morning to Friday evening.

The race started, and Logan Sargeant took the lead in an impressive manner. The championship contender Jack Doohan had a nightmare start, dropping down to 15th, putting Dennis Hauger in a championship-winning position.

A couple of drivers faced struggles early on. Oliver Rasmussen and Laszlo Toth retired, while Alexander Smolyar had to pit due to a puncture. At the same time, Hauger was getting closer to the title after overtaking Jak Crawford for 3rd. Zdenec Chovanec’s race got a huge upheaval as he had been given a 10-second stop-and-go penalty.

Even though Hauger’s position was good enough to take the championship on Friday, he was not going to stop. The PREMA driver got close to Victor Martins and was set to take P2. Later on, he made the move happen.

Unusual time for racing brought a big challenge to the drivers in terms of tire wear. Arthur Leclerc was the first driver to report the issue, while Martins came back to Hauger.

Tijmen van der Helm’s race came to a premature end after a big engine failure. Virtual Safety Car was deployed to remove the car.

Nothing dramatic has happened in the final laps of the race, so Sargeant went on to win Race 1 at Sochi. Hauger crossed the finish line 2nd, which made him the 2021 Formula 3 champion. Martins finished 3rd.

The top of the Formula 3 Race 1 at Sochi:

1Logan SargeantCharouz Racing System39:23.780
2Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing+0.649
3Victor MartinsMP Motorsport+3.466
4Clement NovalakTrident+4.597
5Caio ColletMP Motorsport+5.424
6Lorenzo ColomboCampos Racing+11.632
7Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing+14.514
8Frederik VestiART GP+17.589
9Juan Manuel CorreaART GP+18.138
10Ayumu IwasaHitech GP+22.891

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