Update: Novalak is no longer on the provisional pole as a transponder issue meant his time wasn’t measured correctly. Read more.

Qualifying for the title-deciding and last weekend of the FIA Formula 3 Championship went underway, deciding the grids for race 1 and race 3.

The first car to set the fastest lap was the one of Arthur Leclerc with a time of 1:55.968, but was quickly overtaken by Caio Collet who set the fastest time by a gap of -0.8 to the Prema.

Jonny Edgar crashed 23 minutes into the session, bringing out the red flag. The Red Bull academy driver jumped out of the car uninjured.

The session resumed minutes later and Jack Doohan was immediately faster than what Collet was able to do before the red flag, with a time of 1:54.927, a time which the latter wasn’t able to beat right away. Frederik Vesti placed 3rd at that time with a gap of +0.2s, with Leclerc dropping down the order.

After a brief pit period in which drives picked up a new set of tires, qualifying went underway with 10 minutes to go.

Doohan maintained the fastest lap while Dennis Hauger struggled to set the fastest time, placing 14th in the standings. Then, Clément Novalak set the fastest with a 1:54.923 but was quickly overtaken by multiple drivers, with the top 3 now being Doohan (1:54.677) / Hoggard (1:54.687) / Vesti (1:54.712).

In the end, it was Novalak taking the fastest time of the session, with Doohan in second and Hoggard third. Dennis Hauger improved to sixth.

Here are the top 12 of today’s qualifying:

1C. Novalak1:54.648
2J. Doohan+0.0
3J. Hoggard+0.0
4F. Vesti+0.0
5J. Correa+0.1
6A. Smolyar+0.1
7C. Collet+0.1
8D. Hauger+0.1
9J. Crawford+0.2
10L. Sargeant+0.2
11V. Martins+0.3
12R. Stanek+0.3

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