Dennis Hauger has reflected on winning the 2021 Formula 3 championship.

Why it matters: The PREMA Racing driver finished 2nd in Race 1 on Friday and became the champion.


  • Hauger was set to recover after a difficult 2020 campaign.
  • The 2021 title means a lot to the Norwegian and he is enjoying the moment.

What he had to say:

  • “Going into this season at the end of 2020, that was definitely the goal, I knew this was going to be an important year, so I was putting all the effort into the season, so happy to end it on top.”
  • “[The title] means everything, obviously. Getting the work done with the team all year to prep and get everything set for the races and travelling and everything, it’s a lifestyle obviously with what you love, so it’s enjoyable but hard work as well.”
  • “Especially after last season, it wasn’t the best year, and it was hard also mentally, so getting back and getting the championship is unreal.”

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