Daniel Ricciardo admitted that he had to put in a lot of effort and work in the last few years to finally achieve another victory. 

Why it matters: Ricciardo brought McLaren back on the highest step of the podium after a long time, though it was not an easy task for the Australian.


  • Ricciardo reveals that it was nice to stand on the podium once again, and doing it with a new team felt even better.
  • Even though he struggled after leaving Red Bull, Ricciardo had never thought that the win in Monaco three years ago could be the last one.

What he had to say:

  • “I knew I’d probably have to work a little bit harder for it at times. But no, last year, for example, getting Renault back on the podium, that was such a target. So achieving that, I took a lot of fulfillment, [and] so did the team.”
  • “Monza was if you like… it did kind of make everything worth it, I guess. But it was just nice to stand back up there.”
  • “I think also to do it with another team. There’s certainly a sense of like pride in that, making it work and getting to that top step with another outfit and none other than McLaren. There’s certainly some feel-good stuff about it.”

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