Lewis Hamilton confirms that Mercedes has no plans to change his engine at Sochi, and he hopes that it will stay like this in the future.


  • Despite there is no plan to change the engine at the Russian GP, Hamilton admits that the season is still long and the situation might change. 
  • The Mercedes driver also mentions that it might be wet during the Russian GP weekend, so it could be an interesting race.

What he had to say: 

  • “At the moment, we have no plans to put in a new engine. I hope that stays the same. But obviously, I can’t predict the future.”
  • “I’m sure it’ll be a lot closer this weekend. Our competitors have always been close, there or thereabouts, I think, when we’ve come here in the past, but they’re a lot closer, if not ahead, in a lot of places this year.
  • “No doubt it’s going to be a tough weekend. Plus, it’s potentially wet on some of the days.”

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