Hamilton: I never expect a driver to back down

Formula One – Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Italian GP 2021. Lewis Hamilton. Credits: Daimler.

Lewis Hamilton reflects on the crash with his championship rival Max Verstappen at the Italian GP two weeks ago.


  • The Mercedes driver thinks that both him and Verstappen will learn from the incident.
  • Hamilton believes that drivers should behave smarter while attacking for position.

What he had to say:

  • “What is important is that we continue to race hard, but fair. I have no doubts that we will both be professional and learn from the past.”
  • “I never expect a driver to back down. That’s not how I approach racing with any drivers. I think ultimately we all have to be smart and know there is a time you’re not going to make a corner but it’s all about making sure you live to fight at the next corner.”
  • “That’s really just through experience you find that balance and you know it’s not all won on one corner, so there will be other opportunities.”
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