FIA president Jean Todt believes Formula 1 should design cars with rain racing in mind, to avoid a repetition of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Why it matters: The Belgian Grand Prix did practically not go ahead due to heavy rain at the circuit, with only a few laps completed behind the Safety Car.


  • The Spray from each car during heavy rain conditions worsens visibility and makes racing dangerous.
  • Todt believes Formula 1 needs to consider rain racing for the next regulations update – likely in 2025 when the new power units are introduced.

What he said:

  • “There were many who criticized what was decided at Spa, but what would have happened if, after the start, we had had an accident with 10 cars that resulted in injured drivers or worse,” Todt said.
  • “We would have been massacred. And even without injuries we would have been criticized. For the 2025 regulations, we must think about having cars that can be driven even in the rain.”

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