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The big story 💥: Mercedes under the heat

Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin revealed the Silver Arrows are working on “a list of problems” in what is one of their most difficult seasons as they battle with Red Bull for both championship titles.


  • Shovlin revealed the tripleheaders are ‘tough’ because of the post and pre-race work required for each Grand Prix.
  • The team is working on resolving their current issues while also preparing to participate at the upcoming race in Russia.

What he had to say:

  • “There is no doubt that tripleheaders are tough because you are preparing for one race, then you are doing it, then you are trying to do the work following up from the race while preparing for the next one, and in effect we are working over 20 days in a row without a day off. Everyone is feeling that a bit.”
  • “We’ve got a list of problems that we need to get stuck into, areas we can improve, possibilities for development, so those are all pretty busy areas and then also we’ve got to look ahead to that next race in Russia.”

Canadian confidence 🍁

Williams’ Nicholas Latifi admits gaining more confidence in the world of Formula 1. The Canadian had been criticized at the start for being a “pay driver,” allegedly with no talent.


  • Latifi scored points in the last two races.
  • He analized that a good qualifying session is important to make it easier on Sunday.

What he had to say:

  • “I know I’m getting much closer. In certain instances, I could be ahead. It’s just really putting it all together, especially in the races. It all stems from qualifying in the end. I was able to get ahead of George in the Sprint Qualifying, and that makes it easier. I think the improvements are coming quite big.”

This weekend: MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix on ASN Motorsports 🏍️

We’ll be bringing you all the action from qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday from the MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix. No Formula 1 this weekend, but the passion for motorsports lives on.

Schedule (times local):

  • Saturday, September 18th: Qualifying – 14:10
  • Sunday, September 19th: San Marino Grand Prix – 14:00

Alpine “the best” midfield team, according to Alonso

The Spaniard praises Alpine for their teamwork, stating that while they might not have the fastest car, the team is “probably” the best on the midfield.

To the top and back: Alpine took the victory of this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix with Esteban Ocon, with a big assist from Fernando Alonso. The team capitalized on the opening lap incident which took out multiple top competitors, including Valtteri Bottas.

What he had to say:

  • “We don’t have probably the fastest car on the midfield, but we seem to have, you know, probably the best team on the midfield, so that allowed us to score points every Sunday.”

A look inside: The making of the ASN Morning Brief 👀

Making a daily morning newsletter for you to enjoy is no easy task; it includes the work from everyone here at ASN Motorsports, researching and covering the top stories each day, all in service of you, our readers.

The fundamentals: In order to make a newsletter, you need stories to cover. We at ASN cover a variety of topics each day that relates to the world of motorsports. Usually, during weekdays we cover all the post and pre-race controversies and comments, while on the weekends we cover everything that has to do with the racing action.

Our editorial team is in charge of researching and assigning the stories we will cover throughout the day, managing our writers and timeslots to keep the website with content.

To make it easier for you, I’ve made a timeline (all hours in CET):

  • (Around) 8 AM: Research begins and the first story of the day is published.
  • 2 PM: Social Media management reviews the stories of the day and decides whether something is worth posting to our channels.
  • ⚡ 6 PM – 9 PM: The ASN Morning Brief writing process begins, and it is divided between different steps:
    – The first step is to review all the stories of the day so far, and sort them by relevance. The most relevant story gets to be the title of the newsletter.
    – The second step is to start writing the essentials: develop all news stories for the Morning Brief, and do additional research if required.
    – The third step is to implement any feature ideas that are exclusive for the newsletter – like this one!
    – The fourth and final step is to format the newsletter, add the image and SEO management.
  • 10 PM – Midnight: Formatting for the email version of this newsletter gets done.
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  • 🎉 5 AM: The ASN Morning Brief gets published and sent to our email subscribers.
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