⚡ASN Morning Brief: Vettel stays at Aston Martin

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The big story ?: Vettel stays at Aston Martin

Aston Martin confirmed Sebastian Vettel will continue racing with the team for the 2022 season. They also announced Lance Stroll will remain as well.

Why it matters: While Stroll was likely to stay in the team due to it being owned by his father, Vettel’s future with Aston Martin was undefined, although he was expected to stay according to Lawrence’s comments.

What they had to say:

  • “Next season I will be embarking on my sixth year in Formula One, alongside my teammate Sebastian. We started this Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team campaign together and I greatly look forward to continuing the journey with him next year,” Stroll said.
  • “The changes are so big that every team will be starting from a new beginning, so it will be a great opportunity for us at Aston Martin (…) I believe in the strength of our new growing team, so I am already looking forward to 2022,” Vettel stated.

No hopes for Kubica

Robert Kubica knows he’s not Alfa Romeo’s top candidate for 2022’s seat.


  • There’s a free seat at Alfa Romeo for the 2022 season, and that is the one of Antonio Giovinazzi, as Bottas has already been confirmed as Raikkonen’s replacement.
  • Giovinazzi, Guanyu Zhou and Theo Pourchaire are the contenders for the free place at the team.
  • While stating that “anything can happen,” Kubica knows he’s not in the priority list.

What he had to say:

  • “I have learned from my life that everything can happen from day to day, positive or negative. So never say never. But realistically, I think there are some other drivers who are probably higher on the list,” said Kubica.
  • “I have my racing program with endurance racing, which of course normally I’m focused on all the attention there.”
  • “I don’t know what [the future] will bring. But whatever it will bring, the future, I just have to wait and see.”

Mixed views on Sprint Qualifying ?

The newly-introduced Sprint Qualifying format in Formula 1 which is being tested at three races is receiving mixed reviews from the paddock.

The critics: The sport is divided between the negatives and the positives, but we’re looking at a wave that’s more against than in favor of this new format.

The main concern for most of the drivers regards the format of the weekend, especially when it comes to Saturday. The likes of Ricciardo and FIA president Jean Todt said that FP2 doesn’t make sense, especially focusing on entertainment.

  • “This free practice hour is not understandable to the public nor the media. It can only be of interest to the teams to collect information, for example on tire wear. From the point of view of the show, it makes no sense,” Todt said.
  • “I’m not sure FP2 does a lot. I think actually we probably learn too much and then the races are a little kind of predictable,” Ricciardo shared.

Other drivers like Sergio Pérez from Red Bull think the format has no benefit.

  • “Nothing is happening in it, and I don’t see the benefit of having the sprint race. I can imagine it’s also boring for fans, boring for drivers. It doesn’t bring anything, to be honest.”

The supporters: Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz shared positive thoughts regarding the new format.

  • “I quite like this format for the Friday. For the Friday it’s definitely something positive. I am a bit bored on the normal Friday, because FP1, FP2 there’s nothing to win, nothing to lose,” Leclerc said.
  • “For the teams with the amount of simulation tools that there are nowadays it forces them, you know, to be modern, to be up to date, and to be on top of the simulations to try and put together a good car on Friday already,” Sainz added.

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