After crashing with Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton tried to rejoin the track, and Michael Masi said that his attempts were not dangerous.

Why it matters: Hamilton was stuck under the Red Bull, but he still tried to re-join the track and finish the race.


  • While fighting for positions, Verstappen and Hamilton crashed and the Dutchman’s car landed over the W12, leaving the Briton stuck.
  • Despite that, in the heat of the moment, Hamilton wanted only one thing: to rejoin the track and keep racing. Masi spent a few words on the situation, and he said that he was sure the situation was not dangerous.

[We] didn’t try to stop them [Hamilton and Mercedes] whatsoever. I don’t think [it was a dangerous situation] at all. I think the team, as all those teams do, would have done it in a very safe manner.

Michael Masi

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