Damon Hill does not understand why Max Verstappen has not backed off in the battle with Lewis Hamilton at Monza.


  • The 1996 F1 world champion believes that Verstappen was too optimistic about Hamilton leaving him space.
  • Hill admits that he would have given up the battle in such situation.

What he had to say:

  • “Why would he do that? He never even had a nose ahead. Lewis was always in front, he always had that corner,” he commented on the F1 Nation podcast.
  • “From the point of view of the cockpit, of someone who’s raced, if I wasn’t a nose ahead going round the first right hander, I would not assume that the guy on the outside is going to let me through.
  • “I would assume he’s going to go for the apex and I better get the hell out of there, because otherwise, I’m going to lose my front wing, or we’re going to collide. But then I’m not Max Verstappen.”

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