After the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Ralf Schumacher expressed his opinion by saying that the Dutchman’s penalty was unjustified. 

Why it matters: The two championship contenders crashed out of the Italian GP, and Verstappen received a 3-place grid penalty for Sochi.


  • Schumacher said that Hamilton did not leave any space for the Red Bull driver.
  • The former Formula 1 driver called the crash a racing incident and admitted that Hamilton would have an advantage in Russia, but for Verstappen, it would not be impossible to overtake.

What he had to say: 

  • “I think Max’s penalty isn’t justified. Both rivals fought very hard. Verstappen wanted to take the corner but didn’t get any space because Lewis didn’t let him. Hamilton didn’t want to give up an inch because he didn’t want to give up his position.
  • “[Hamilton] knew he would have lost even more points to Max because of this and they crashed. For me, it’s a classic example of a racing incident.
  • “The FIA has been very strict with Red Bull and Verstappen. This three-place penalty isn’t insurmountable, even though it is difficult to overtake in Russia. That’s the advantage for Hamilton.”

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