Both Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have shared their thoughts about last Sunday’s Italian GP, which was not the easiest for the team.


  • Vettel believes that his race ended after going wide at Lesmo 1 on the opening lap.
  • Stroll admits 7th place was the highest position he could reach.

What they had to say:

  • “It was not our day. My race was done on the first lap. I made a good start and managed to avoid the bottleneck through the first chicane, but I was pushed wide at turn 6 and lost a lot of places, which was made worse by drivers cutting the chicane at turns 4 and 5 before,” Vettel commented.
  • “It was a case of pushing the entire race because the field was pretty close throughout. We managed to find a good spot with the car. While we were not quite as quick as some of the others on the straights, we were strong in the corners, and we were able to make that work for us. I think seventh was the maximum we could have achieved today considering our race pace,” Stroll said.

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