Christian Horner confirms that Red Bull Racing is investigating Max Verstappen’s slow pit stop.

Why it matters: Red Bull had a problem at Max Verstappen’s pit stop at Monza, which led to the Dutchman being alongside Lewis Hamilton.


  • Horner believes a human error led to a slow pit stop.
  • Red Bull’s team principal is also sure that Verstappen would have been far ahead of Hamilton if everything had gone well.

What he had to say:

  • “We had a difficult pit stop, we had an issue at the stop, so he was held much longer than he should be. He should never been anywhere near Lewis,” Horner commented.
  • “There’s an issue we need to fully understand it looked like a problem with the front right [tire].
  • “We had what looks like a human error. The wheel was done up and ready to go and unfortunately, the car wasn’t released.”

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