Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were the talk of the town yesterday after their collision as other drivers, including Carlos Sainz, had an opinion on the crash.


  • Sainz said it was clear to him who was at fault, however, he did not want to go into detail.
  • His teammate Charles Leclerc was also not surprised by the incidents between Verstappen and Hamilton.

What they had to say:

  • “I think it is always avoidable. I think two [drivers] don’t crash if one doesn’t want [to],” Sainz commented.
  • “I guess it’s a natural thing in Formula 1, two guys that are fighting for the championship tend to collide more often than not.”
  • “It’s normal to see those types of accidents. They are fighting for a world championship, and both want to win very badly, as I would if I was in their position,” Leclerc added.

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