Michael Masi denies Christian Horner’s claims that the race control has not warned Red Bull about a possible penalty for Sergio Perez.

Why it matters: Perez was dropped down from 3rd to 5th at Monza after a 5-second time penalty.


  • Masi has confirmed that Red Bull was warned after the incident.
  • F1 race director reveals that the race direction makes sure that any unfair advantage is given back.

What he had to say:

  • “I suggested to them that they may want to look at giving the position back, and they said they were looking at it themselves,” Masi said.
  • “We look at certain things from gaining a lasting advantage, and look at it in a holistic manner. So, where it’s given up, how it’s given up, etc. It all comes into the review of what is the lasting advantage.”

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