Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided during the Italian Grand Prix, resulting in the retirement of both drivers.


  • Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ Team Principal, believes Verstappen made a “tactical foul” while trying to stay ahead of Hamilton.
  • The Stewards are yet to decide who’s at fault for the incident.

What he had to say:

  • “I would say it was a tactical foul. He probably knew that if Lewis stays ahead, that is the race.”
  • “It doesn’t look like he was alongside, and then he went over the sausage curbing. If you compare it to what Lewis said at Turn 4 on lap 1, where there was no space left… He was pushed off the track, actually.
  • “We had a high-speed crash at Silverstone, we had one car end up on top of Lewis’ head here. Maybe next time we’ll have a high-speed crash and they’ll land on each other.”

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