Max Verstappen said that he does not think McLaren’s duo will be a problem during the race at Monza.

Why it matters: McLaren looked fast during the Sprint Qualifying, but Verstappen believes they will not make his life complicated on Sunday.


  • McLaren chose to start the Sprint Qualifying with the soft tires, and that has allowed them to overtake Lewis Hamilton at the start. 
  • Despite showing a decent pace and keeping Hamilton behind throughout the whole race on Saturday, Verstappen is sure that Red Bull is way faster. 

In the race, they were nowhere compared to us. As long as I stick ahead of them in the first two corners, they should normally be no threat. 

Max Verstappen

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  • Hamilton did not manage to overtake Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo on Saturday. However, Verstappen believes that it should not be a problem for the Briton to do so on Sunday.

What he had to say: 

  • “That is mainly because it is difficult to overtake,” said Verstappen.
  • “In the beginning, Lando was close behind Daniel, and because of that he also had a slipstream. In addition, they also have a very high top speed. But [on Sunday] we also have to do a pit-stop. They can’t both cover Lewis.”

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