Max Verstappen suffers from another upheaval at the Italian GP.

Why it matters: Verstappen and Hamilton collided during Sunday’s events, escalating the championship battle.


  • Verstappen is “predominantly to blame” for causing the incident.
  • The Red Bull driver has been handed a 3-place grid drop for the Russian GP as well as 2 penalty points.

What stewards had to say:

  • “The Stewards observed on CCTV footage that the driver of Car 44 was driving an avoiding line, although his position caused Car 33 to go onto the kerb. But further, the Stewards observed that Car 33 was not at all alongside Car 44 until significantly into the entry into Turn 1. In the opinion of the Stewards, this maneuver was attempted too late for the driver of Car 33 to have “the right to racing room.”
  • “While Car 44 could have steered further from the curb to avoid the incident, the Stewards determined that his position was reasonable and therefore find that the driver of Car 33 was predominantly to blame for the incident.”

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