Max Verstappen is delighted with his 2nd place result in Sprint Qualifying at Monza.


  • Verstappen is glad to have had good performance and scored vital championship points.
  • The Dutchman reveals that Red Bull has done its best to solve the issues and is ready to fight for the race win.

What he had to say:

  • “Of course, the race, better than expected. We had a good start and went to second, we scored some nice little points and starting first tomorrow. Nevertheless, they [Mercedes] seem very quick but I was giving it all to try and stay close. It’s going to be interesting tomorrow,” Verstappen commented.
  • “We did trim our car to have decent top speed, so I’m not worried about our top speed in the race, but we also know Mercedes have a good speed over the whole lap, but nevertheless we’re going to try and have a good race tomorrow.”

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