Alonso thinks Sprint weekends should be improved

Fernando Alonso at Zandvoort. Credits: Alpine on Twitter.

Fernando Alonso has proposed the idea to go back to one-shot qualifying.

Why it matters: Sprint Qualifying did not offer much action, and Sergio Perez has already criticized it. Alonso enjoys the new format, but he believes that by changing the starting order things could be improved even more.


  • Alonso said that something needs to be changed on Friday and also in the way in which the qualifying session is structured.
  • To change the starting grid, Alonso proposed a one-shot qualifying, meaning that if a driver makes a mistake, it would be an issue on Sunday.

I still think that Friday is the really point that we need to improve. While if the format in qualifying on Friday is a little bit different, just one lap or something… for example yesterday in Q2, I locked up the front tyres into Turn 1, and with that lap, I would start last today, because I made a mistake.

Fernando Alonso

Go deeper:

  • Alonso added that going back to the one-shot qualifying would make things way more difficult.
  • “Imagine one lap in Monaco and you only have that lap. And there is track evo, or maybe there is weather. Maybe the leaders of the championship start first, and you make a mega lap, with the track evolution and you start on the first row of the grid, something like that.
  • “Maybe there is one weekend where you are lucky, and you can perform on something extra.”
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