Christian Horner has acknowledged Sergio Perez’s impact in Max Verstappen’s P3 result in the Italian GP qualifying.


  • Perez was ahead of Verstappen on track, which allowed the Dutchman to get the slipstream.
  • Red Bull team principal is delighted with Friday’s result and Perez’s efforts.
  • Horner is also optimistic about Verstappen’s starting spot for Sprint Qualifying

What he had to say:

  • “I have to say Checo [Perez] played a key, key role as a team player today to give his teammate a tow and help Max get into that position. I think we were vulnerable to McLaren so, you know, Max up there in P3,” Horner commented.
  • “Checo probably sacrificed half a second. He should have been higher than he is, but we’re pretty happy with that result
  • “What’s interesting is the run down to turn 1, so Max is on the right side of the grid. He’ll hopefully pick up a tow on the run to turn 1, so it puts even more emphasis [on that], I’m sure. Lewis would probably preferred to be on the left than the right so it’s going to make it a very exciting Sprint.”

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