George Russell said Mercedes made it “very clear” that the treatment he’ll receive will be the same as Lewis Hamilton’s.

Why it matters: Mercedes has been in the center of controversies for sacrificing actual driver Valtteri Bottas’ results in order to benefit his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, in the title fights.


  • George Russell will be racing for Mercedes in 2022, replacing Bottas. The community wondered if the British driver would get the same “unfair treatment,” but he clarified he’s joining the team “on level terms,” not playing a number two role.

What he had to say:

“I think Mercedes are always respectful in that regard, to give both drivers the best opportunity.”

George Russell
  • “Lewis is a seven-time world champion for a reason, and I think I’m in probably one of the most fortunate positions on the grid to be able to go out there and learn from him.”

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