Toyoharu Tanabe admitted that Honda will have to set their power unites perfectly at Monza to have the best weekend possible.

Why it matters: In Monza, the most important thing is probably the engine, and Red Bull wants to achieve its first podium at the Italian venue in the hybrid era. That is why Honda needs to do everything the right way.


  • In Monza, the fans will see the brand new format of Sprint Qualifying once again. That means the teams only have one hour of free practice to set up the cars before the parc ferme. 
  • Tanabe said that finding the right power unit set up in the first free practice will be crucial. 

Monza is famous for its high-speed nature, with four long straights that mean a high proportion of the lap is spent at full throttle, making it a demanding race for the PU. The key is therefore to be able to find the right settings for the PU and chassis in a very limited time frame.

Toyoharu Tanabe

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