Formula 1 would like the teams to let young drivers participate in free practice sessions in the future to give them more knowledge and make them grow.

Why it matters: Nowadays, Formula 1 teams have way less time than in the past to hold private tests. Moreover, the time during FP1 and FP2 has been reduced too, so there is not much time for young talents to collect laps in a Formula 1 car. Therefore, Stefano Domenicali wants to find a solution.


  • Domenicali said that he is looking to change the rules to impose to the F1 outfits to give young drivers more time during free practice sessions.
  • If a full-time driver has less time to practice, race weekends would be even more unpredictable.

The topic of young drivers is very important and interests us, and that is why, at a time when tests are so regulated, there are some ideas that we will discuss in the next meetings with the teams. In particular, we want to make the presence of young drivers mandatory in free practice.

Stefano Domenicali

“This will give the teams less time to try things in view of the race, making the event even more exciting,” he added.

“But it would also give the juniors the opportunity to try in a dynamic and competitive context. We are talking about it because it is important for the whole F1 supply chain.”

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