Jean Todt, the president of the FIA, admitted that Formula 1 must have a clearer protocol for when a race is called off. 

Why it matters: The Belgian GP was canceled due to the bad weather conditions. However, the FIA still decided to award half of the points to the top ten. 


  • Many teams and drivers were disappointed that points were still awarded when there was not a real race. However, there is not a clear statement for this circumstance in the FIA protocol. 
  • The only thing in the regulation regarding this matter is that after two laps of racing – and it is not specified whether they need to be under the green flag or even behind the safety car – half of the points are awarded to the top ten.

I mean, the only thing I blame myself for is that we knew it will happen. So as we knew, maybe we should have had a clearer protocol.

Jean Todt

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