Andreas Seidl, McLaren Team Principal, believes that Formula 1 should avoid triple-headers in the future.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Formula 1 had a difficult task in creating a calendar that could be logistically possible for the teams. To do so, the organizers had to schedule two triple headers, and a third one is expected toward the end of the season.

“The most important thing for my point of view is obviously that we don’t further increase the number of races a year,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “I think what we have in place now is already too much in terms of the burden on our people.

“And then a very important topic is also the number of triple-headers. From my point of view, we should avoid completely again, to reduce the burden on our people, the triple-headers on the calendar. We should try to get through avoiding any triple-headers, to be honest.”

Moreover, Seidl believes that Formula 1 should hold races that are basically in the same area one after the other so that the traveling costs would be lower for the teams.

“It’s obviously very important for us but I know from Stefano as well it’s very important for Stefano,” he said. “He has put up a clear agenda of what he wants to achieve with Formula 1 until 2030 and a huge part of that is also the logistics side of things. So we know from Stephano he is looking into this.”

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